Minced garlic
Garlic powder
Granulated garlic
Jerk Seasoning
Italian seasoning
Cinnamon powder
Ammonium carbonate
Celery flakes
Chipotle powder
Whole clove
Powdered cloves
Chicken wing spice
Bruschetta spice
Marinade spice
Chef’s salad spice without salt
Salmon spice
Powdered Steak Spice
Whole steak spice
Barbecue spice
Cajun spice
Creole spice
Greek spice
Piri-Piri Spice
Mediterranean chicken spice
Potato spice
Rice spice
Smoked meat spice
Paella spice
Spice in Shish Taouk
Fish spice
Onion flake
Ginger root
Jalapeno powder
Mace powder
Whole mace
Mix five pepper
B-B-Q Sauce Mix
Mustard powder
Whole nutmeg
Nutmeg powder
Onion powder
Sweet paprika
Spicy smoked paprika
Arbol pepper
Armenian Aleppo Pepper
Crushed chilli
Jamaica pepper powder
Sweet red chili
Five peppers
Arabic pepper
Lemon Pepper
White peppercorns
Ground white pepper
Italian cracked black pepper
Madagascar black pepper
Black pepper powder
Cayenne powder
Spinach powder
Beetroot powder
Ginger powder
Ginger Root
Tandoori masala

Plants / Herbs

Provence herbs
Stinging Nettle
Star anise
Chamomile in bloom
Fennel seeds
White Hibiscus
Lime tree
California dry mushrooms


Seafood Chowder
Bechamel sauce base
Poutine sauce
Beef soup base without gms
Chicken soup base without salt and without gms
Shrimp base
Chicken noodle soup base
Onion soup base
B.B.Q sauce base
Tomato and Vegetable Soup
Acacia powder
Baking soda
Spinach powder
Beet powder
Potato starch
Bread yeast
Dehydrated vegetables

Pearl Barley
World Barley
Medium Couscous 100% Durum Precooked (Italy)
Whole Wheat Couscous
Fine Couscous 100% Durum Precooked
Rolled Oats Large Regular
Small Oatmeal Quick Cooking
Textured Vegetable Protein
Dark Bulgor Wheat
Natural Wheat Bran
Oat Bran
Medium Wheat Semolina
Fine Wheat Semolina
Whole Wheat Roasted
Popcorn, Morrison Farms
Pelleted Corn
Corn Flour
Sunflower Seeds
Natural Pumpkin Seeds
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Black Sesame Seeds
White Sesame Seeds
Flax Seeds
Ground Flax Seeds
Pearl Wheat Seeds
Soft Wheat Seeds
Red Quinoa Seeds
White Quinoa Seeds
Millet/Arraw Pellets
Crushed Millet/Sankal
Millet steamed/heated with lalo
Millet pellets/Thiakry
Puffed Quinoa
White Quinoa Flakes
Hulled millet seed
Chia Seeds
Hulled hemp seeds
Hemp Cereal
Mango and coconut cereal

Brazil nuts
Roasted salted macadam nuts
Pecan nuts
Cashew Nuts Dry Roasted Salted
Cashews Dry Roasted Unsalted
Raw Cashew Nuts
Roasted Salted Peanuts
Roasted Salted Red Skin Peanuts
Raw Peanuts
Honeyed Peanuts
Raw Pistachios
Roasted Salted Pistachios
Roasted Unsalted Pistachios
BBQ Almond
Roasted Salted Almond
Unsalted Roasted Almond
Smoked Almond Flavor
Natural Almonds
Sliced Almond
Walnut Crumbles
Almond Blends
Deluxe Mix
Seeds and Cereals

Fusilli Cauliflower
Fusilli Lentil and Quinoa
Super grain elbows
Fusilli quinoa
Red and white quinoa macaroni
Anelli veg. Pasta For Vegetables
Penne Amarante
Lead pasta
Orzo soup pasta

Par Excellence, Parboiled Long Grain Rice
Le Gourmet, White Patna Long Grain Rice
Long Grain Natural Wild Rice
Long Grain Natural Brown Rice
Calrose Medium Grain Rice (Italian)
Basmati Rice Natural Brown
Thai House, Jasmine Scented Rice
Wild & Parboiled Natural Rice Mix (U. Ben’s type)
Mexicano rice
3 Healthy Grains – Parboiled / Wild Rice / Red Quinoa Mix
Mixture of 6 Ancient Grains (+ Quinoa)

Quinoa flour
Almond powder
Cocoa powder
Pancake mix
Unbleached All Purpose White Flour
Kamut flour
6 whole grain flour
Soy flour
Engevita nutritional yeast
BAOBAB fruit powder (Bouye)

Raisin Sultana (Washed 3 Times)
Pitted Prunes
Dried apricots
Medium Sweet Grated Coconut
Non-Sugar Fine Grated Coconut
Dried Cranberries
Pitted Dates
Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Apple slices
Diced pineapples
Banana chip
Dried cherries
Sliced kiwi
Sliced mango
Sweet whole strawberry
Golden grape

White Navy Bean
Black Eye Bean
Jumbo Lima Bean
Small Lima Bean (Baby)
Romano bean (Cranberry)
Black Turtle Bean
Pale Red Kidney Bean
White Kidney Bean
Dark Red Kidney Bean
Small Red Bean
Pinto bean
Whole Yellow Peas (Soup)
Yellow split peas
Split Green Peas
Chickpeas 9 mm
Small Eston Green Lentils
Broken / Split Red Lentils
Dupuy French Lens (Black)
Brown Lentils
Legumes & Rice Soup Mix (Gluten Free)
3 Bean Mix (Italian) Cholen

Vegetable chip
Corn chips with flax
BBQ hodgepodge mix
Hodgepodge cheddar mix
Rice chips

Fruit wedges
Jelly beans
Mints leaves
Jawbreaker center gum
Fruit button
Berries two color sour
Betzel chocolate
Almond chocolate
Peanut chocolate
White chocolate pastilles
White chocolate chips
Dark Chocolate Chips
Cranberry yogurt flavor
Milk chocolate raisin
Sesame sticks
Caramel popcorn
Cocoa powder

Organic Tunisia
Organic Spain
Organic canola
Organic apple cider vinegar
Organic Tamari 20,000L

Rayonnate Skin Blend
Immune mixture
Detox Blend
Mixture Digestion
Relax blend
Energy Blend
Focus blend
Anti inflammatory
Spring Oolong
Ceylon Black Tea
Royal Fruit Black Tea
Darjeeling Black Tea
Earl Gray Black Tea
English Breakfast Black Tea
Mint Green Tea
Cherry Pink Green Tea
Sencha Green Tea
Matcha tea
Strawberry black tea
Jasmine Green Tea
Chinese Green Tea (Chun Mee)
Gunpowder Green Tea
Chai tea with vanilla
Matcha tea

Rose petals
Crushed Red Hibiscus Flowers (Bissap)
Red Hibiscus Powder (Bissap)
Sweet mint
Thai Lemongrass, Rose and Chamomile
Tropical Wind
Provencal Mint
Citrus Moringa
Lyon herbal tea
Double Mint
Citrus Rose Punch
Market Mix
Mango herbal tea
White Hibiscus Flowers (bissap)

Arabica Brown
Arabica Black
Colombian Brown
Colombian Black
French blend
Kenya Half-Black
Mocha Java Gourmet
Ethiopia Black
Mexican Brown
Costa Rica Brown
Decaffeinated Half-Brown-Half-Black
Brazilian Mid-Black
Cafe Touba


Tuscany sea salt
Himalayan pink salt
Fine sea salt
Coarse marinating salt


Organic sugar
Brown sugar
Dark brown sugar


Instant soy milk powder
Instant yeast
Vanilla powder
Instant skim milk powder

Honey 500g white clover flower
Honey Cornflower 500g
Honey and Maple 500g
Honey and Cinnamon 500g
White Honey, Clover Flower 1kg
Cornflower honey 1 kg
Maple syrup
Maple butter
Maple jelly with oyster mushrooms
Fine maple sugar
Maple sugar nuggets
Maple confit


Aloe Vera
Summer flowers
Green clay
Donkey female milk
Argan Oil
Olive oil
Coconut milk
Geranium Lavender
Milk Oats
Crushed Apricot
Shea Butter
Orange Blossom
Passion fruit
Goat’s milk
Mint Crush
Green apple
Orient night
Organic Fresh Milk – Donkey
Marseille Soap Cube – 600g – Olive Oil
Marseille Soap Cube – 300g – Vegetable Oil
Marseille Soap Cube – 300g – Lavender
Moisturizing donkey milk soap
Charcoal Soap fights acne
Apricot soap anti-aging protection and regeneration
Oyster shell soap remineralizes the skin
Savonette Marseille soap 72% Olive Oil
Slice Marseille Soap 72% Olive Oil
Traditional Aleppo Soap 5% Laurel Bay
Aleppo Soap 20% Laurel Bay
Aleppo Soap 30% Laurel Bay

Liquid Marseille Soap – BULK LAVENDER
Liquid Marseille Soap – ARGAN OIL IN BULK
Liquid Marseille Soap – OLIVE OIL IN BULK
Liquid Marseille Soap – ROSE FLOWER IN BULK
Liquid Marseille Soap – Cherry Blossom IN BULK
Liquid Marseille Soap – DONKEY MILK IN BULK
Liquid Marseille Soap – SWEET ALMOND IN BULK
2 in 1 Body and Hair Shower with BULK Cereals
Body accord body hand hair, fruity melon IN BULK
Meadowsweet shampoo for normal hair, ultra soft IN BULK

Lip balm
Konjac Sponge Face-Green Tea
Konjac Sponge Face-Turmeric
Konjac Sponge Face-Charcoal
Coconut butter
Precious oils from Africa
Alum stone
Toothpaste lozenges
Detox face mask
Activated carbon for teeth whitening
Alum stone
Moroccan black soap

Stain Remover Soap 300g
Marseille soap 72% Vegetable oil IN BULK
Softener Lime Tree IN BULK
Lemon dish soap IN BULK
Apple dish soap IN BULK
Just nature, fruit and vegetable cleaner IN BULK
No worries! concentrated multi-purpose cleaner Lemon EN BULK
Apple Tableware IN BULK
Lemon Vaiselle IN BULK
Almond Blossom Fabric Softener IN BULK
BULK Ocean Breeze Fabric Softener
Tileul detergent IN BULK
Almond Blossom Laundry Detergent IN BULK
BULK Ocean Laundry
Fragrance-free laundry IN BULK
All-Purpose Cleansing Pellets-IN BULK Lemon-Mint
All-Purpose Cleaning Pellets-BULK-Black Spruce
Cleansing Pellets-IN BULK Windows and Mirrors Frangrance Free
Eco-Sheets-Laundry-Fresh Laundry Detergent
Eco-Sheets-Baby Laundry Detergent
Balls of Wool for Drying
Wooden dish brush

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